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16Nov 2015

Dubai #DigiDinner – November 2015

Dubai DigiDinner

Just got back from Dubai having hosted the #DigiDinner at the Reem Al Bawadi restaurant on Thursday 12th November 2015.  Had a great week in Dubai meeting local entrepreneurs, professionals and a couple of trade associations with a brief visit to the Dubai Motor Show thrown in for good measure -

02Nov 2015

Dubai #DigiDinner November 2015

McLarenDinner Group from the Outside

As Digital Entrepreneur works its way around the world we begin to plan yet another #DigiDinner, this time in Dubai. Why Dubai? Dubai's status as an emerging market makes it an ideal place for entrepreneurship.  With the constant influx of new residents from every corner of the world, new

28Oct 2015

McLarenDinner October 2015 London

McLarenDinner Group from the Outside

The only problem with exceptional dinners is that they are exceptional and as a consequence very difficult to beat.  I am sat here this morning wondering how on earth I beat the #McLarenDinner we had last night. My train left York at around 11:51 yesterday morning getting me into London Kings

06Oct 2015

#engagORS #DigiDinner – Social Media ROI with Nicky Kriel

Nicky Kriel with her book "How To Twitter For Business"

#engagORS dinner, London 29th October 2015 - For some time #engagORS have been on a journey, a journey in to the world of social media for business. As social media is still a relatively recent phenomena there are few rules however certain people have studied what works

05Oct 2015

#McLarenDinner #DigiDinner #IoTDinner 27th October 2015 London


I love my job - tickets for the #MclarenDinner on the 27th October are now available here Really, I race to my desk in the morning and stay late into the evening.  This is because my job includes 4 of my fundamental passions in my life - meeting people, playing with technology, eating good food

03Sep 2015

#Growthhacking Dinner with Simon Barry (@eggwhisk)

Growth hacking is all about growth - the growth of your business. On the 9th September, Digital Entrepreneur will be hosting a dinner with Simon Barry (@eggwhisk) where proven Growth Hacking techniques will be discussed, debated and noted for future use by the whole group.  If you are running

19Aug 2015

Interview with Timothy Hughes about #socialselling

My interview with Timothy Hughes using Blab got underway after a few teething problems but once we got in to the swing of things I found it very informative.  As Business Development Director at Oracle Tim is a #SocialSelling guru - his authentic style shines through and his answers are direct and

18Aug 2015

Futurologists Outloud – The state of VR streaming interview

Ahead of the #IoTDinner on the 25th August in London I get a chance to speak with Ed Greig, Chief Disruptor at Deloitte Digital and Lewis Richards, Leading Edge Forum.  Both of these futurologists debate the future of VR streaming, show us a little of the technology currently available and

17Aug 2015

Interview with Brian Fanzo @iSocialFanz on #SocialSelling

Today I did my second Blab - my first was a disaster which we won't talk about. I have suddenly realised that with Blab technology has reached or has very nearly reached a junction that puts it almost neck and neck with traditional media for video.  We saw Periscope and Meerkat go head to head

10Mar 2014

Digital Entrepreneur March 2014 Dinner

The March 2014 Digital Entrepreneur dinner will be hosted at The Best Mangal Turkish Restaurant in Kings Cross oon the 26th March 2014 from 7pm until 9pm - invites have been sent out and as this is our  anniversary dinner (I think) we have booked the whole restaurant  so members can invite a

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