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No pitching or selling but with trusted relationships developed over time 90% of our members are working together.

John Davy - Digital Entrepreneur

“Thank you Duncan for organising such a great event – it’s a fantastic learning environment and the best way to build long term relationships.”

Lara Morgan - Founder Pacific Direct

“The Dinners are a valuable use of my time to understand the digital space and apply the monthly learnings to my business.”

Mike Raybone - Online Entrepreneur

“The monthly Digital Entrepreneur Dinner is a wonderful way to be at the ‘bleeding edge’ of innovation in the Digital Space. The Groups attracts some of the most forward thinkers I have ever met. The Slack Group maintains a daily flow of banter, information and ideas that makes membership truly priceless.”

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About us

Apple, Facebook, McLaren, Tesla, Amazon and Microsoft are just a few of the companies that sent speakers along to a Digital Entrepreneur #DigiDinner over the last few years. Thank you, you blew our minds apart and we look forward to seeing the products you shared with us enter the market to rapturous applause

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Members of Digital Entrepreneur have been meeting around the World each month for the #DigiDinner to network, discuss, debate, create deals, learn and share since 2010!

Digital Entrepreneur was created by Duncan Gledhill, Duncan says “I perform best when put in a room with no money, no resources and my back to the wall (and only come out to eat so thought we could do that bit together)”.

P.S. Whilst Digital Entrepreneur is full, it is not because we ran out of space squeezing everyone in to a room – if that were the case we could have just booked a bigger room – No, it is because we all come together to relax and learn over dinner (and have done this every month for years). Our members travel from all over the Country to attend – it is that time in the month we all really look forward to.

We are adding Bucharest and Sofia to the schedule in April – the vision is to have 500 members across 20 cities by the end of 2019.

Search for #McLarenDinner or #TeslaDinner to see what we get up to.

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Great event with some great people, exceptional food and brilliant stories. Didn’t drag on either which made it feel much more purposeful. Again, just to mention what a great group of people this is.

Jonny Tooze

Duncan did a fantastic job of running the meeting so that everything happened on time and the format of the evening delivered a great mix of business VS pleasure, giving us all time to get to know everyone around the table properly. I highly, highly recommend it!

Sammy Blindell

I have been to three of these dinners now and they just get better and better! The conversation and content is mind blowing, the people are brilliant with so much experience in everything digital that I learn and take away so much every time- keep it going Duncan!

Brett Avery

An awesome way to spend an evening – it’s a crash course in what’s working, new and interesting in digital business, straight from the people really doing it. All delivered in a relaxed, informal and frequently funny, entertaining way.

Rob Warner

Thank you very much for the #IoTDinner last week in London! I found it very inspiring and fruitful. Events like this, where you get some insights in less formal settings and have the chance to briefly discuss mutual opportunities, are very valuable.

Claus Bech

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VRDinner with SuperHot and Oculus Rift – Gaming in Virtual Reality

The Virtual Reality dinner on the 24th January in London with Tomasz Kaczmarczyk (VP of Business for SuperHot), who demonstrated SuperHot for Virtual Reality on the Oculus Rift. Our Keynote Speaker: Tomasz Kaczmarczyk, talking passionately about SUPERHOT with Oculus...

Google Home vs Amazon Alexa

The summary "Google Home is better than Amazon Alexa but not available in the UK until 2017 so right now everyone is buying Amazon Alexa" would this be a fair summary of the current situation?  Not sure but it certainly sounded like it at the #SmartHomeDinner in...


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