Next Pitch Event is on Wednesday 27th November at The Adam Street Club, 9 Adam Street, London.

Pitch Schedule…

6:20pm until 6:40pm – Paul Gill from ORSTO

Open Reactive System Technology Output – created by respected designer Paul Gill from Durham, UK. O.R.S.T.O. is a method by which a human operator interacts with hardware and software of a mechanical or electronic device and the resultant function/s performed by the device.

6:40pm to 7:00pm – Joe Ryan from Earwig Academic Reporting

Schools now routinely use photos and videos to provide evidence of pupil achievement for Ofsted. Earwig enables them to organise these into a vivid timeline for every pupil, class, and subject. Every parent gets a weekly insight into their children’s school life. Every pupil gets a permanent record of their school life. Earwig make money by licensing the software and by selling photos and videos to parents.