The next AI Dinner will be on the 15th August 2023.

Tickets are now available right here on the Digital Entrepreneur website – to purchase your ticket just hit “Add to basket” then select the number of tickets you’d like to purchase and “Proceed to checkout”.

The AI Dinner is a small private networking event organised for anyone with an interest in Artificial intelligence, by Digital Entrepreneur.

We have been meeting at the Mercer Street Hotel, Covent Garden once a month since March 2019 to network, discuss and debate everything on Artificial Intelligence.

About the August AI Dinner – Truth and Consequences – Artificial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs

Artificial intelligence is going viral right now, thanks to ChatGPT and image generation models like DALL·E·2. But very few people understand what AI is, what it is truly capable of, and especially, what it isn’t capable of. It is critical at this juncture to have a solid understanding of the essence of AI, so you can pursue useful avenues for deploying AI and not be taken in by “AI-washing” or con artists.

In the daily deluge of news about what the technology is achieving, the needs of the entrepreneur are not being considered. We will address how to get your head straight to get in the game, by considering perspectives like:

  • Where and how to use foundation models (conversational AI and image generators) vs symbolic AI (classical machine learning such as cluster analysis);
  • Where large language models like ChatGPT are useful, where they are not useful, and where they are dangerous;
  • ‘Get’ AI at a fundamental level;
  • Discover the future potential for new markets opened by AI and how jobs will be impacted;
  • Explore the likely and possible evolution of AI over the near term.

About our Guest Speaker: Peter Scott (Ex NASA)

An IT Specialist with Defense and Space Manufacturer, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory for over 16 years, Peter Scott has many years’ IT expertise in enterprise architecture, system engineering, systems analysis, and has authored several instructional books and videos including:

In 2022 the book “Artificial Intelligence and You: What AI Means for Your Life, Your Work, and Your World”. A guide to understanding AI and its impact in accessible and engaging language for all audiences

In 2017 the book “Crisis of Control: How Artificial SuperIntelligences May Destroy or Save the Human Race.” The exponential growth of technology brings enormous benefits but also precipitates two existential threats: bringing bioterrorism within reach of increasingly average people, and enabling the development of more powerful artificial intelligence that could get out of control.

Peter Scott speaks on this topic to groups of all kinds; has given three TEDx talks and testified to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on AI in Britain’s House of Lords and hosts the weekly podcast “Artificial Intelligence and You”.

About The AI Dinner

Please note that we like to start at 7pm and finish at 9pm with networking and general discussion until 10pm.  If you would like to arrive earlier there is a public bar on the ground floor where you can meet friends and colleagues for a drink refreshment before dinner.

If applicable our keynote speaker, support speakers and demonstrations continue throughout the meal meal (vegetarian and vegan options are available – if you have any dietary requirements please let us know on the booking form).

We look forward to welcoming you to the AI Dinner, hosted by Digital Entrepreneur.

Tickets are £135 inclusive of:

  • Networking
  • Guest Speaker
  • Delicious 3 course meal (all dietary requirements catered for)
  • Drinks (including wine & soft beverages)
  • Private room rental
  • Service Charge