As Digital Entrepreneur works its way around the world we begin to plan yet another #DigiDinner, this time in Dubai.

Why Dubai? Dubai’s status as an emerging market makes it an ideal place for entrepreneurship.  With the constant influx of new residents from every corner of the world, new markets are constantly opening.  In addition to this the Government in Dubai strongly supports entrepreneurs through the Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for Young Business Leaders.  This organisation seeks to motivate Arab leaders to become integral parts of the region’s economy.  Financially Government support for young Emirati entrepreneurs is exceptionally generous for those with a strong business plan.  This means that Dubai is open for business and as a result warmly welcomes a #DigiDinner.

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Following the success of the #DigiDinner hosted by McLaren in London in October, I got in touch with Shadi Asian, Marketing Manager for McLaren UAE and he agreed to host the Dubai #DigiDinner following the Dubai Motor Show in the actual showroom in Dubai.

The Dubai #DigiDinner will therefore be taking place on the 12th November at McLaren Dubai – to register for your ticket and join us please use the following link:

What can you expect from a #DigiDinner?

In London we have been meeting as a group for over 4 years and most recently – we are all digitally focused, entrepreneurially minded individuals – we want to learn from each other and learn how to accelerate the growth of our businesses.  We often work with each other on deals and act as a trusted supplier network.

McLarenDinner Group eating

Dinner is served at the #McLarenDinner

Typically, members arrive around 7pm for a reception and meet and greet period of around 30 minutes, once we are seated the dinner will begin and each individual has around 6 minutes to introduce themselves and talk about what they do – it is important to remain focused on digital during this introduction.  With around 10 of us this can take up around an hour or so – in the last 3 minutes we discuss what is happening in other #DigiDinners around the world and Skype in members from New York and London who would like to meet Dubai Entrepreneurs.  We finish around 9pm to 9:30pm although many of us move on to a more relaxed venue for further conversation and networking opportunities.

Typically, members and guests at a #DigiDinner will have an annual revenue of around $1.5M USD.

If you would like to attend, use the link above – if you have questions please get in touch – I am in Dubai from the 10th November and happy to meet one to one for further discussion.