The public offering of Facebook shares is being valued at 100 billion.

Facebook provides little actual value to its advertising partners at the moment with many complaining of high volume but little return. People are buying the shares because they hope the company will do well and figure out how to actually resolve this. Don’t buy shares on just hope.

They won’t figure it out any tome soon but they will make a lot of money while they float on the hope.

I asked an audience of 70 people at a show this morning who was using email marketing and 10 of them raised their hands. I asked the same audience about social media and half of the room raised their hands. I then asked who had made money from email marketing and about 6 people raised their hands. I asked about social media and 1 raised her hand.

Social media is great, I love it but that does not mean it will work as it currently is commercially and the public offering risks detonating the bomb that pops all the bubbles because there is so much hope.

The shares will probably go up but when the truth is out they will fall – I assume within the year.