The July 2013 “Sing for your funding” pitch event and Digital Entrepreneur dinner at The Adam Street Club are over and so plans for the August dinner with a keen eye on the Inaugural Autumn Digital Entrepreneur dinner in September have begun.

Thank you to Kate Jackson from Tablecrowd, Stuart Lucas from Asset Match, Julian Fisher from Lookupbubbles and Andrew Jervis from ClickMechanics for pitching.

In addition to our regular members, a warm welcome to Gill Dunsford, Eira Hayward and Phil Shepherd who attended the pitch event – I hope you will join us at the next event in August and perhaps even the Autumn Dinner.

Thanks to Drew Ellis, Cliff Findlay, Nick James, Siam Kidd, Thomas Power, Mike Raybone and Nick Sladek for attending the Digital Dinner – apologies for the late start and hence early departure of Nick Sladek (although it was a fasting day for him so he would have been restricted to just the starter anyway).

Thanks to Mark Casey (Dais PR) for putting our first press release together and conjuring up our first two journalists, Rory Ross (BusinessFirstMagazine, The Daily Telegraph, MailOnline and The Independent) and Eugene Costello (Editor at Meze, MailOnline) who attended the final part of the pitch event, the dinner and even hit the Cole Hole for a drink afterwards with us after the tired team at The Adam Street Club booted us out.

Thanks to Simon Parkes for distributing the Press Release and generating much interest.

No thanks however to Facebook, not this time anyway!

I created an event on Facebook and spent just over £400 promoting it with Facebook Ads to people living in London with an interest in Business – I received over 900 clicks on my ad and 37 sign ups but not a single person turned up.  Out of curiosity I contacted these “sign ups” ahead of the event to confirm the numbers, 2 people replied saying that they were interested in understanding more about Crowd Funding – others said that it was an error and that they had not actually intended to register for the event.  I then began to notice that most of them were not even based in the UK which made me very suspicious.

I contacted Facebook to ask them if they would look into the problem but the computer said “No”.

I won’t give up with Facebook but will in future tread more carefully.