September 2023 – AI Dinner Ticket


September 2023 – AI Dinner Regular Ticket

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I'm Lorenzo, an Italian based in London working as Data Analytics Lead at Amazon Web Services. In addition to my professional career, I embarked on a new journey this year by creating online content with a growing audience of approximately 60,000 individuals across various platforms.

In 2023, I had the privilege of providing coaching and mentorship to approximately 100 individuals, guiding them on their path to success in the field of data analytics and data science. Today, I am excited to delve into the topics that I am most passionate about.

My primary focus revolves around harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to simplify and enhance our lives during the data analysis process. AI has the remarkable potential to revolutionize the way we approach data analysis, making it more efficient, accurate, and accessible. Throughout our session, I will explore innovative ways to leverage AI techniques, tools, and technologies to streamline data analysis tasks, uncover valuable insights, and ultimately drive data-driven decision-making to new heights.

As we journey through this discussion, I hope to inspire you with practical insights and strategies that you can apply to your own data analysis tasks.

This is a ticket for the September 2023 AI Dinner at the Mercer Street Hotel in London on the 26th September 2023 from 7pm until 9pm (approx).

The price includes the following:

  • Networking
  • Keynote (where applicable)
  • Delicious 3 course meal (all dietary requirements catered for)
  • Drinks (including wine & soft beverages)
  • Private room rental
  • No VAT