We have all heard of Silicon Valley, the area in the US where geeks breed amongst themselves and sporn children who go on to rule the digital world. We all hear of people jetting off to Silicon Valley in search of investment from the these teenage billionaires.

Well I recently considered jetting off myself in search of this mythical place, I even looked up air fares – one of my little businesses brings in just enough for me to live in a cheapish hotel 3 nights a week in Central London so I figure that if I were to travel across the pond then with cheaper hotels stateside it would work out about the same at the end of the month.

Then I got thinking about where our Silicon Valley might be, surely we must have one – 10 years ago I worked in Clerkenwell which seemed to be pretty hip, full of companies that were involved in web stuff, agencies and so on – then I moved on to Lombard Street and found the mood very different, pin stripes and so on.

Throughout these moves I never felt I was truly at the centre of the hub though which is why I took an office in Soho this time around but alas I still feel a bit “yesterday” – before I jet off, do you know where I should be looking? Where is Silicon London? Anyone?